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How The Library Works....

Nappy libraries are set up by parents, carers or retailers across the country. We currently do not offer postal loans, if you do not live near to us, you can find your nearest library by searching the map in the Nappy network. 



At Sussex Cloth Nappy Library, we currently have 5 newborn kits, which contain approximately 30 nappies. We also have 9 birth to potty kits, which contain approximately 20 nappies. We include accessories such as liners, reusable wipes and wet bags in the kits. 



To ensure you have a range of nappies to try we have added five different types to our kits. These are pockets, all-in-ones, all-in-twos, two-parters, and flat nappies. We also aim to introduce to use to a number of different brands such as TotsBots, Close Parent Pop-ins, Little Lamb and TJ's Cloth Nappies. This may seem like nappy jargon to you, but don't worry, our team are here to help you grow in knowledge and confidence



A kit can be hired for a month for £15 and £25 refundable deposit and collected at one of our drop-ins. This can be paid in cash, BACs or Paypal.



To make sure you get the most benefit of your kit we deliver a thorough consultation at handover. This gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have and learn how cloth nappies can work for you and your little one.  



During your hire, we will send you emails to provide you with tips, advice and discount codes to help you build your own nappy stash! We are also available online to answer any questions and to help resolve any issues you may experience.

We recommend that you use our Nappy Natter group, which is a community of cloth nappy users. You'll find a wealth of knowledge and support there. 



If you need to extend your hire this can be arranged for a further £10, unless there is a waiting list for the kit. At the end of your hire, we will arrange a time for you to return the kit to us. We will check the kit as soon as possible and return your deposit in full. Any damage or loss will be deducted from the deposit on a like for like basis. Kits are then washed between hires.


We are also pleased to be able to offer long term loans free of charge to families who may otherwise be unable to use cloth for financial reasons. These are available for as long as required and all we ask is that they are returned when no longer needed. Please get in touch if this would benefit you.




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