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Discount Codes 

We have a number of discount codes from retailers for you to use when you'd like to buy new nappies. Click on the logos to view their sites...

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Baba + Boo - Use code BAB160


Babipur - check Babipur Hangout for code


Bambino Mio - Subscribe to newsletter


Bambooty - Use code 5off


Cheeky Wipes - Use code worthingclothnappy


Kingdom of Fluff - Use code NL160BrightonWSussex


Little Goat Gruff - Use code makelaundrynotlandfill


Little Twiddlets - Use code Library10 


Merry Go Round - Use code MGR20


Sweetness & Pea - Use code Library 15


The Bottom Line Nappies - Use code library10


Tots Bots - Use code library10


Yes Bébé- Check Yes Bebe Babble for code 

Preloved Advice

Buying Pre-loved

Many people sell their nappies that they no longer need but are still in very good condition.

Buying second hand or 'pre-loved' nappies is a great way to boost your nappy stash.

Preloved is often much cheaper than buying new and it is even better for the environment.

If buying online please ask for photos of condition, especially of any waterproof layer, elastics, and any marks or stains.

To ensure you are protected by buyer protection if the item is not as described or does not arrive in the post, please pay via PayPal - Goods & Services.


Where you can find pre-loved nappies...

Sussex Cloth Nappy Library - We hold sales of pre-loved nappies, keep an eye on our events for these bargains!


Retailers - Many retailers sell pre-loved nappies that have often been used in their trial kits, some examples are;














Websites - There are few online marketplaces that allow you to buy and sell cloth nappies, such as;










Please note that Ebay does not allow the sale of pre-loved nappies but some sellers do sell listed as new, check the descriptions to find out.


Facebook - Facebook is a great place to buy and sell pre-loved nappies either on marketplace or on groups, such as;


Sussex Nappy Natter

The Nappy Lady Selling Page

Babipur Buy/Sell/Trade

TotsBots Preloved

Cloth/Reusable Nappies Buy/Sell/Trade

Cloth Nappies for Sale and Advice Parent to Parent

Cheap Cloth Nappies and Accessories

BST gNappies UK

Preloved Cloth Nappies and Accessories

Bambino Mio Buy/Sell/Trade and Chat

Cloth Nappies for Sale/Wanted UK



Click on any logo or underlined text to take you to the webpage.


Happy shopping!

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